Art Silk Collection

We offer our Exclusive Collection of Art Silk Jackets and Tops, unique and exquisite designs for the discriminating woman who appreciates artistry, fine quality, and wants to make her own very unique fashion statement.

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  1. The Happy Coat

    The Happy Coat


    The Happy Coat is a Button Front Patchwork Long Artist's Style Jacket made of Sari Silk Fabrics. Learn More
  2. Long Butterfly Jacket

    Long Butterfly Jacket


    This High/Low design Jacket is waist length in the back and has Long "Butterfly" sides. Learn More
  3. Short Butterfly Jacket

    Short Butterfly Jacket


    A short (below the waist) free style, versatile design Patchwork collarless jacket made from Sari Silk fabrics. Learn More
  4. Frog Closure Jackets

    Frog Closure Jackets


    A Best Seller, each structured (with shoulder pads) Jacket has a unique embellished Frog Closure. Made with Sari Silks in Patchwork Design. Learn More
  5. Whisper Tops

    Whisper Tops


    Oversize Tunic in Two Color Ways in Patchwork Design Made with Sari Fabrics. Learn More
  6. Asymmetrical Silk Tunics

    Asymmetrical Silk Tunics


    This Rich and Elegant Long Silk Tunic is an Asymmetrical design with one sleeve and is open sided, poncho-style on the other side, creating an flowing look and easy fit. Learn More
  7. 100% Silk Tops

    100% Silk Tops


    Our Exclusive Collection of Luxurious 100% Silk Tops are One Size Fits All including Plus. Learn More
  8. 100% Silk Jackets

    100% Silk Jackets


    We have Luxurious 100% Silk Jackets, One size Fits All including Plus. They are Perfect paired with our Travel Tank Dresses, Travel Tanks Tops, and Palazzo Pants. Learn More
  9. Layered Silk Vest

    Layered Silk Vest


    This Piece is a Flowing Layered Long Vest with contrasting Black and White Pattern Learn More

9 Item(s)

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